Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Blue Light Within

If you are someone who has been meditating for a while then you may have seen the blue light.

Sometimes when you are meditating a blue light appears. Sometimes it comes in immediately, other times it fades in. It comes in the space right between your eyebrows.

It is the size of a pea.

It can get larger when you focus on it, BUT you can’t focus on it too hard (it’s a paradox of sorts).  If you focus too hard it will slowly close (like an eye shutting, or a door closing). Then, you can not make it come back right away.  Not even if you try really hard.  It usually doesn’t appear by sheer will.  It’s like the wind.  It’s there, then it’s gone.

It has occurred to me that the blue light is some sort of portal (opening)  to the light that is within. It’s a light that is within everyone and it is so beautiful.

When the blue light comes you know that it is always shining.  Most times it seems to be covered by some sort of film.  You know it’s shining really brightly although it is behind a covering.

Sunrise Sunrise over Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The sun coming up and then going behind the clouds.

That’s what that blue light is like. It’s there. It’s always there, but you can’t always see it. Our body, our thoughts, and our emotions, are like the clouds. If we can clear away all of that (the focus on the body, the thoughts, and the emotions), then we will see the light. 

You can live knowing there is light within. You can let your “little light shine”. It’s there. You can call the blue light anything you want. Valentine’s Day is coming soon…so let’s just call it LOVE.

This week just live your life knowing (even if you’ve never seen it) that there is a beautiful and vibrant yet calming energy of light that lives deep inside of you.

Let go of worrying about the future.

Let go of regretting the past.

Let go of getting lost in your thoughts and emotions.

 Let Peace In.

Let The “Wonders” Of Everyday Life In.

Let Love In.